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Incoming official mail for members assigned to MIT will be placed in the mail distribution box in room 5-309. Mail for students not at MIT will be forwarded to the home address provided. Due to lack of storage please do not forward large boxes to the address listed below. We will occasionally receive "time sensitive" mail for you and it is your responsibility to check your mail on a regular basis. You may forward your mail from your last command to:

MIT, Navy Postgraduate Office
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 5-317
Cambridge, MA 02139-4309

Please arrange to have your mail forwarded to your home address as soon as you are settled.

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Application fees and certain thesis preparation costs paid by postgraduate students sponsored by the US Naval Postgraduate School are reimbursable IAW NAVPGSCOLINST 1520.1 series.

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Hanscom AFB (Information: (781) 377-4441) see enclosure (4). Located just off Route 128 in Bedford, Hanscom has the closest commissary to towns around Boston. Take exit 30B or 31B off Route 128 and follow the signs. The base also has an exchange, exchange annex (garden shop, toys), country store, (closed Mondays), excellent swimming pool, package store, O Club, rec center, theater, and dispensary. (The various stores are scattered all over the base.) If you have children, the Base Nursery might be convenient while house hunting. Children from 6 weeks to ten years are accepted, Monday through Friday.

The Family Support Center at Hanscom has an outstanding Relocation Assistance Program. More information, if desired, can be obtained from the Relocation Assistance Manager (781) 377-4222. Temporary lodging facilities at the Hanscom Inn (or Swift Inn) (781) 377-2044 are exceptional.

Hanscom Housing : (781) 377-2894. Request to be placed on the Independent Housing List.

Coast Guard Base Boston (Information: (617) 223-3312). Housing Office is responsible for Housing Referral services, the Rental Partnership Program (RPP), and an 80 room UPH for Coast Guard personnel serving in District One.

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MEDICAL WAIVER FORM must be completed annually prior to fall semester to avoid MIT medical insurance charges

Medical care for the active duty military is administered by federal medical facilities in and around the Boston area. They are:

HANSCOM AFB- Dispensary 15 miles west of Boston in Bedford, MA. Emergency treatment, physical exams, dental care, x-ray, pharmacy and ambulance service. Telephone (781) 377-4700. NOT OPEN ON WEEKENDS.

PORTSMOUTH NAVAL REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER - 75 miles north of Boston at Portsmouth, NH Naval Shipyard. Limited outpatient service. Telephone (207) 438-1000/2580.

NEWPORT NAVAL REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER - 75 miles south of Boston at Newport, RI. Full service naval hospital. Telephone (401) 841-2166.

BRUNSWICK BRANCH MEDICAL CLINIC - 55 Miles north of Portland, ME at Naval Air Station Brunswick. Limited outpatient service. (207) 921-2243

VETERANS MEDICAL CENTER - 150 South Huntington Avenue, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. Telephone (617)232-9500. Medical Care given to active duty personnel with special authorization from the command allowing them to receive care from this facility.

VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL-ROXBURY DIVISION - 1400 Veterans of Foreign Wars Parkway, West Roxbury, MA 02132. Telephone (617)323-7700/7615.

VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL-BEDFORD - 200 Springs Road, Bedford, MA. Telephone (781) 275-7500.

VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL - Boston OUTPATIENT CLINIC - 251 Causeway, Boston, MA. (617) 248-1000.

US COAST GUARD SUPPORT CENTER-Boston- North End Boston, MA. Physical exams, eye exams, routine medical appointments, orthopedics and gynecological exams. Telephone (617) 223-3246/3250/3055.


In a bona fide emergency situation, active duty personnel may seek emergency treatment from any civilian source. When bills are rendered, members must complete NAVMED Form 6320/10.

The form will have to be signed by the Academic Officer or Curriculum Officer and then mailed to Great Lakes for payment. If any long term treatment or extended care is to be involved, member must communicate this fact to the command IMMEDIATELY for further instructions. Elective or non-emergency care from civilian sources is NOT authorized.

For active duty members at MIT, the annual medical fee included in the MIT tuition costs covers minor outpatient fees and treatment at the MIT infirmary (flu shots, blood pressure, treatment for colds, etc). Student Health Insurance Coverage is automatically provided but is not covered by the Navy and must be waived each academic year in August by submitting forms, which we will make available at the appropriate time. (Officers applying to MIT will find a similar form enclosed in this packet, or will receive one soon, that must be returned by the first of May each year). For active duty members at other institutions, the extent of medical coverage (if any) included in your tuition and required fees should be determined. Service of this type is not available at other colleges.


Dependent health care is provided at all of the federal facilities providing that you have chosen TRICARE and the base clinics as your family's primary health care provider. In this area military families are able to choose whether they want TRICARE as their health care provider or if they want a provider that is set up like an HMO. The open enrollment period for the HMO opens in August each year. If you miss this period or decide not to enroll in the HMO, you will automatically be left with TRICARE. If desired, you can enroll in the HMO within 60 days of reporting and bypass the open enrollment period. With TRICARE you will be able to see civilian doctors or go to the base clinics and naval hospitals. Health Benefits Advisor 1-800-842-4333 or any of the clinics listed above.

US FAMILY HEALTH PLAN AT BRIGHTON MARINE, TRICARE HMO is a physician-run health care organization serving Boston-Brighton area with branches throughout eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Telephone 1-800-818-8589.

US FAMILY HEALTH PLAN AT MARTIN'S POINT, TRICARE HMO is a physician-run health care organization serving all of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and northeastern New York. Telephone 1-888-241-4556.

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Incoming shipment deliveries are handled by Hanscom AFB (781) 377-3951. Damage claims are submitted to the office handling the shipment. When detaching, Hanscom AFB may also be utilized for outgoing shipments (781) 377-5330.

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